albemarle window and grout cleaning

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     Selecting the right product:
  » Make sure that you select products that are specially designed for cleaning automotive glasses. There are many
     products available in market that contains ammonia. Try avoiding such products because ammonia can damage the car
     surfaces and also ammonia fumes are dangerous when inhaled in closed environment.
     Microfiber towels:
   » A high quality microfiber towel would result in streak free window cleaning. It is better to use a low pile tight weave
     microfiber cloth as it gives excellent scrubbing capability. Majority of microbial cloth will eliminate any residual streaks.

    Take care of windshield wipers:
  » Windshield wipers should be maintained regularly and cleaned properly because it’s impossible to drive without them in
    rain or snow. Besides any damaged windshield wipers should be replaced at once otherwise operating them would 
    create smears on the screen.

    Clean the interior windshield and windows from the passenger seat:
  » For easier access to interior windshield it is better to sit on the passenger seat as this will prevent any contend with
    steering wheel. While cleaning the interior windows it is advised to keep the microfiber cloth on the back of the hand
    and press against the glass, it ensures all areas are cleaned properly. It is also good to spray the cleaner agent first on
    the microfiber cloth and then apply it on the inner windows this will prevent it from getting spilled.

    Cleaning tinted car windows:
  »One should be careful while cleaning tinted windows because the film gets easily scratched. It is also advisable not to
    use ammonia products and rough clothes on tinted windows.

  Cleaning car windows is a methodological process and if you do it in a rush you will end up damaging your windows. Take  
  your time and clean your windows taking the above steps into consideration to get best results.  

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