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Grout Cleaning: A tedious but essential job in your home

Grout cleaning is always said to be a dull and tedious job. It generally requires so much effort, patience and care to clean the grout perfectly in home. This is not for those people who have built a habit of staying in an unclean and untidy room. Those persons easily get used to seeing the dusts and dirt present in the room and it continuously becomes a normal thing. But the real importance of grout cleaning will come to light when you thing about selling your home.So here we are going to discuss broadly about cleaning the grouts, why grout cleaning is a tiresome task and demanding task in your home.

Why is grout cleaning a tedious job?
Grout is porous, so it easily takes in dirt:
Usually a grout (closely related to mortar) is formed by mixing water, cement and sand. The thick mixture is applied on the floors and walls so as to fill voids and seal joints. The grout is permeable in nature (as made from absorbent materials) and is capable of collecting and storing dust & dirt.If the dirt gets older, it causes discoloration and builds up mold (a growth of fungi) on the surface. Then it becomes really hard to clean the grout.

How to eliminate foul smell from the gutters

Everyone is worried about getting their home cleaned at the right time to avoid unnecessary and harmful consequences. And such an important part of the house cleanliness system is the gutters. A gutter is a narrow channel or trough, forming the component of a roof system which collect and divert the rain water shed by the roof. If the gutters are not cleaned at the right time it may lead to water stagnation problems and the odor from it is also disgusting.
Gutter cleaning is very simple and regular cleaning will keep all problems including the smell at a distance. Here are few steps through which you can easily keep the smell away:
» The main reason for smell in gutters is due to blockage and the simplest and easiest way to get rid of the smell from gutters is to flush water continuously through the pipelines which will clean the blockage.
» The leaves and debris need to be cleared off which clog the pipeline because this leads to stagnation of water and rotting of leaves ultimately leading to pungent smell.
» A common source of gutter gas odor is due to dry trap which occurs when a sink, floor drain or toilet is not used for some days and the water in the drain line dries up. The water in the trap acts a barrier, but without water there is free flow of air and the sewer gas can enter into the room. So you need to make sure that all toilets and sinks are regularly used or atleast once in a while cleaned properly.
» Another reason may be broken pipeline or vent line which allows the sewer gas to enter into the house and basements causing pungent odor. Any damage should be repaired at once before it becomes more harmful.
» Care should be taken while installing gutter downspouts and downspout extenders.
»The smell can also possibly enter through the roof vents or the stack vents hence this need to be cleaned at a regular basis. We should also check for cross over between the roof vents and gutter troughs which could be a reason for the smell.

» Sometimes the pungent smell can be due to the debris deposited at the stopper used in bathroom and this needs to be cleaned. Also clean the inside of the pipe with the help of nylon bristle scrub brush.
» It is also advised to pour few drops of vegetable based cooking into the pipeline which seals it as oil floats on water and prevents the smell from entering the house.

Gutter smell can have other serious problems other than just the offensive odor; it is very hazardous to life. The mixture of toxic and non toxic fumes produces sewer odor and one of those toxins is methane. Methane gas can replace oxygen can prove to be fatal and deadly. Hence it is of utmost necessary to clean the gutters at regular time to ensure a healthy life of your family. There is no hard and fast solution to this other than elimination which can be easily achieved by following the above simple steps. And to simplify your problem there are various companies who will personally look into your problem once you hire their employees. They provide various services which includes gutter cleaning, grout cleaning and even window cleaning.

Five Necessary tips while cleaning windows & grouts

Your home is no doubt the best place in the world where you don’t just dwell, but live with utmost comfort, peace and security. It’s just like a sanctuary where you’re free from all danger. So, don’t you feel that you should take special care of your home and keep it clean always? If you think you should, it’s worth reading the full post to know some necessary tips while cleaning your home, its windows, grouts and gutters.
Your windows, gutters and grout are all expensive objects in your home. Windows are mostly of glass and grout & gutters are generally made from porous materials. To prevent the glass from degradation and maintain their quality and shininess you must clean them with care at least once a quarter. So, let’s take a look at the following tips.
» Don’t use hard brushes while rubbing.
 Windows, gutters and grout lines are always prone to dirt and stains. So, people are used to wash them by rubbing  
 strongly using hard brushes. In case of window cleaning it’s not always about hard rubbing, rather smooth and
 perfect cleaning that brings up the required look.

 You may wonder to know that most of the grout lines are created in rubbing the grout surface roughly. Also the 
 outer part of grouts and gutter are generally porous, so every time you rub, the dirt is dug deep into the pores. So,
 smooth water cleaning works better.

» Don’t scrub & scratch often to remove stains.
If there’s some longer stain on the window, don’t scrub it with fingernails or any other pointed substance. First, it may create odd scratches on the glass, and second, you may harm your nails. The window surface will turn odd instead of looking clean & good. So, first drop some water on the stain, allow it to soak the water. Then it becomes somehow easy to remove. How will it if you read some window cleaning and grout cleaning guide-books beforehand?
» Take care of proper hygiene while using modern chemical cleansers.
You can get lots of modern chemical cleansers in the market nowadays. You can’t guarantee for all brands that they would wash your costly windows & grouts effectively. Also they are harmful to your home & environment. While washing the windows of your kitchen take care of your safety by taking LPG cylinders and sensitive utensils away or by covering them with clean cottons.

Using chemical cleansers might clean the windows & grouts quickly but it might create stains on the side-walls at the same time. Thinking about any alternative? Yes you can make a safer cleanser from your house-hold products like vinegar, soap or baking soda, a smooth piece of sponge and some hot water. First spray some vinegar on the stained portion, allow the stain contents to ferment (you can leave it for 15 minutes), drop some baking soda and use the sponge to wipe the mildew or deep stain.
» Important ! Protect your face and fingertips.
Understandably it’s pretty bothersome if you take the washing kit for the first time. It might look easier from the
outside, but you practically go for washing your windows, shelves and grouts sitting on the ladder, it feels like a back
breaking job. And it’s even more inconvenient when small drops of the cleansing material keep on falling on you.
Again from safety point of view these drops may cause severe harms at times when they stick to your skin or eyes.
Arguably safety tips do always come first. Cover your sensitive areas, put on the uniform properly and hold the washing kit.
» Avoid ultra high pressure while using power washing.
If you want your windows & grouts to have a brand new look, power washing happens to be the best option. Your window-corners, sidings, glass plates and grout-plasters are perfectly cleaned up by a thorough power wash. The whitish portions look whiter and dark parts even deeper. But the point is what should be the speed and pressure of your power wash? Don’t use ultra-high pressure as it might end up with unnecessary breakage cost. Just use the spray in moderate pressure, that’s it!

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